Make a statement with Ehotel Digital TURNING Pages. FEATURING Stunning imagery and showcasing 
the best of your hotel.
HOT LINKS Hot links are website addresses that can be embedded into your 
EHOTEL PAGES. These links can be used to redirect your customers to: • Hotels' main websites
• 360 degree tour of your hotel
• Events (upcoming)
• Menus (room service hotel &
• Conference accommodations
• Catering
• Bridal brochures & packages
• Social Media for your hotel
• Website for other properties
 within your group 1 FREE HOT-LINK IS INCLUDED WITH EVERY ONLINE BROCHURE Additional links are charged 
per link $12 CAD
WHAT DO I GET? • UNLIMITED Customer Service
• Guidance through your entire
• Design and Layout
• 1 FREE embedded hot-link
• 3 revisions or changes*
• PDF proofs of your brochure
• Final link to your EHOTEL turning
 pages product
• Optional Hosting
• Cross promotion of your hotel on iBrand Print social media
 *EHOTEL pages powered by iBrand Print reserves the right to charge for changes past the limit of 3 revisions
PROOFING A PDF file will be sent to you as a proof when the brochure layout is complete. 
• This is when changes can be
• 3 revisions have been included
 in the pricing. You will have the
 opportunity to work with our
 staff to make the final changes
• Once the PDF is approved, the
 file will then be formatted into
 the LIVE turning pages product
 shown in the example link
GOING LIVE HOW EXCITING, your EHOTEL PAGES are ready to go live. We will send you the NEW link to your EHOTEL PAGES. This link can be embedded into your website, printed on marketing collateral or simply included in all employee signatures for your hotel to ensure that all correspondence has the opportunity to see your hotel at its very best
8 - 12 $89 13 - 16 $79
17 - 24 $69 BEST VALUE 25+ call for estimate
HOSTING $19.99 CAD / Month
Turn your hotel imagery into a stunning e-Catalog and create new opportunities to grow revenue
GETTING STARTED 1. Determine how many pages you would like your online brochure 
 to be. 2. Chose what aspect of your hotel you would like us to feature 3. Secure your HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS from GOT YOU LOOKING 4. Reach out to Tanya at EHOTEL PAGES (a division of iBrand Print)
 1-877-662-5187 5. Provide your contact information and your PMS colours and our
 friendly staff will walk you through the next step of supplying your
 hotel photos. We will assist you every step of the way.
The Next Step Let us know what aspects of your hotel you would like to feature. EHOTEL PAGES will send you a template to follow that will help you with this. FRONT COVER Chose a photo of the front of your hotel, determine if there is any additional information that you would like to include. INSIDE PAGES All inside pages are a spread* This means that one LARGE picture will be featured across two pages. In the spread, 5 smaller pictures that relate to the one large featured photo will be inlayed within the larger picture and design. For this step you will need to chose 6 photos, one main photo and 5 supporting photos. We will need this information for each spread. BACK COVER Chose a picture of the back of your hotel, if there are any outdoor features that you would like to include, such as a particular view, a patio, tennis court etc., please indicate. We recommend that your contact information is included on this page. *spread pages are considered two pages, two 8.5” x 11” pages that are side by side
 engagement and interaction by showcasing the best of your hotel in a modern new environment
ENGAGEMENT AT FIRST SIGHT We give your brochure a NEW INTERACTIVE PERSPECTIVE. The life-like turning page animation will engage your customer quickly and secure exposure to your hotel with its interactive features. FEATURES An electronic booklet that reads like an actual hardcopy. You can turn the pages, just like you would flip through your favourite magazine. Your best foot forward in a modern way. Your online brochure is always available and right at your customers fingertips. Reach your target audience more efficiently with new high-class virtual showcasing.
VIEW IT ON ANY DEVICE Whether on the road, or at home, you and your customers will be able to view your EHOTEL PAGES. All you need is an internet connection. EHOTEL brochures are formatted to be viewed on any device. Compatible with smart phones, (android or analog) iPads, desktops or laptops. MEDIA There are no limits! Add extra content to your turning pages. Videos, audio, high resolution images and as many links to redirect your customer as you want. Tell your hotel's story in a unique way and watch the conversation rates about your hotel grow.
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Our EHOTEL service will raise the popularity of your Hotel, grant you higher online presence, and ultimately lead you through the road of success.

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